Your child 3-5 years

The early passage to CP, a good idea?

Your child has obvious facilities in medium section, you are tempted to ask for his early passage in CP. Tips for achieving this giant leap!

You know your toddler well and you have the distinct impression that he is bored at school. And for good reason: in the middle section of kindergarten, he already recognizes all the letters, he can even decipher a few words. Side figures, it is not left behind: it is able to perform small additions and subtractions. And above all he speaks very well and has a wide vocabulary. So many clues that make you think that it can probably do without "vegetate" a year in large section ...

Advance passage at CP: the inevitable questions

  • If he skips a class, will he not have big gaps in CP? If all the indices mentioned above are met, it means that it already masters most of the program of large section. On the other hand, he runs the risk of having difficulties with graphic design, which is emphasized during the last year of kindergarten. The ideal would be to be able to place it in large section for the last trimester so that it trains. If that's not possible, you can make her work at home writing. Be careful, this must remain playful! Why not use pens of different colors to make him write his name, draw curls, lines? Remember to make him relax before writing, this will prevent him from tense his arm to the shoulder.
  • If he skips a class, he will have to leave all his friends. Is not that hard? At this age, the group of friends does not yet have a primary importance: unless exception, your child did not have time to form strong bonds. Moreover, as he is ahead of the others, it's a safe bet that he was not very well integrated in his class. He will certainly be happier with older ones!
  • Will he be mature enough to concentrate at CP? In general, when a child skips a class, he is so happy to be no longer bored and to have the impression of learning things, that he keeps quiet!

The right strategy

  • Do not wait. To be accepted, your request must be made at the beginning of the 3rd quarter. Start by meeting your child's teacher and then the principal - she makes the final decision. Tell them about your observations, possibly the boredom of your child, perhaps even his suffering. Emphasize that your approach is not motivated by the desire to see him recognized as "gifted", but that you simply seek his interest and his fulfillment. If the teachers agree, everything is fine! If they are reluctant, go to the next step: looking for outside help.

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