The skin with mother-baby skin: the safety rules to respect

The practice of skin to skin in the birth room at the maternity allows mothers to welcome their baby gently and enjoy very favorable conditions to get to know each other. Very beneficial, however, this practice requires compliance with certain safety rules.

The explanations of Anna Roy, midwife at the maternity of Bluets in Paris.

How is skin treated?

  • Once the baby is out, he is immediately placed by the midwife on the mother's chest, gently dried, covered with sheets kept warm in an oven and wearing a cap. This so that he can maintain an optimal temperature and recover smoothly from the great ordeal that is for him birth.

Skin to skin is practiced under supervision

  • In maternity hospitals, the practice of skin to skin is very controlled. Because it happened, unfortunately that babies die suffocated, the head buried in the breast of their mother.
  • Thus, in each maternity ward, we make sure that the baby huddles on the chest of her mother - not on her breasts - her nose and mouth perfectly cleared.
  • Another safety rule scrupulously respected: the presence of a person dedicated to his surveillance. "Some tired moms may have absences and let their baby fall or not see that they could choke, so daddy, another caregiver, or the midwife can devote monitoring the baby in the birth room, "insists Anna Roy, midwife at the maternity of Bluets in Paris.
  • To monitor oxygen saturation of the newborn and ensure maximum safety, some midwives also place a small sensor on the baby's hand. At the slightest problem, the device starts to beep!

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