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The magic parrot: episode 2

Quentin and his magic parrot have embarked with the sailors and sail on the waves. Sailors ... is it so sure? Name of a pirate, maybe it's a trap. The following, quickly!

  • The first days of the trip, everything went well. The captain had commanded a force of three, and the ship was advancing at a good pace. Quentin spent his time sunbathing on the deck and playing dice with the sailors.
  • But on the morning of the fourth day, a cry came suddenly to disturb his cruise: " Ship right in front! "
  • The captain looked with his telescope. " It's a Spanish boat loaded with gold "he shouted. Immediately, the sailors disappeared into the bunkers and returned with knives and swords.
  • Quentin watched this show shuddering and understood that he had embarked on a pirate ship.
  • The captain approached him: "You're going to blow a headwind to stop the other boat, and for us, you need a good tailwind!"
  • Quentin spoke for a few seconds to his parrot and he passed his wing over his beak, in different directions. Soon, the Spanish ship disappeared on the horizon.
  • "You're incapable," the captain shouted, grabbing Quentin. You did the exact opposite of what I asked! "
  • He shut the boy down, and put the parrot in a cage. The next day, as the ship passed a deserted island, the captain launched a boat at sea, and threw the boy there.
  • " This is what happens to those who try to deceive me! he shouted from the bridge.

Poor Quentin! How will all this end? The end

A story written by Olivier Muller illustrated by Frédéric Pillot, published in the magazine Toboggan, Milan jeunesse.