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The magic parrot: episode 3

The captain of the pirates has abandoned Quentin on a desert island! And the magic parrot? The captain kept it on board and intends to use it to find a treasure. Oops! Monday, another story: Oscar the boastful.

  • After that, the captain himself ordered the parrot. Throughout the day, the ship flew towards the horizon, but during the night the wind turned and the ship turned around. Waking the next day, the captain saw the island where he had abandoned Quentin.
  • " Horn of Swordfish! What is going on ? he choked, giving the parrot a new order, and the ship headed in the right direction, but the next night the boat returned to its starting point.
  • From his island, Quentin, surprised to see the boat coming back, realized that his friend was maneuvering for him. While the crew was still sleeping, he got into the boat to board the ship.
  • Once on the bridge, he unhooked the parrot's cage and went quietly back to his island. " They need a good lesson, right? the boy whispered to his bird.
  • Immediately, a swirling wind rose and the ship began to swing on all sides. To avoid capsizing, the panicked pirates had to throw their treasure overboard.
  • " That's enough, I think they understood! "Quentin laughs, delighted." The whirlpools stopped and the boat left to stop coming back.
  • Quentin found himself in the sand a chest filled with gold. He then asked his parrot to blow the winds to attract the ships. Soon, a boat approached.
  • The boy, who was rich now, paid himself a real cruise. And as his parrot was with him, he had good weather every day and knew no storm.


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A story written by Olivier Muller illustrated by Frédéric Pillot, published in the magazine Toboggan, Milan jeunesse.