Your child 3-5 years

The porcupine

The melon ... let him discover it differently! A sweet and savory recipe that does not lack spice to achieve with four hands. Your apprentice cook will be happy to help you make this funny animal.


1 melon

raw ham

some pitted olives

1 dozen wooden skewers

1 cutting board

1 melon spoon

3 toothpicks.

Step 1

• Cut the melon in 2.

• Place one of the halves on the cutting board, skin facing up.

• In the other half, ask your apprentice cook to cut bowls with the melon spoon. Show him first how to do, then to him!

2nd step

• Slice the ham into thin strips.

• Top the skewers with alternating melon, ham and olives. If your child is too young to do so, he will be happy to pass you the different ingredients one by one.

• Plant the "spines" on the returned melon or ask your child to do so.

Step 3

• Stitch 3 olives on 3 toothpicks to make eyes and muzzle. Again, your apprentice can help you.

• Keep cool before serving.

Council +

You can also make this recipe with a watermelon in which you plant tomato-mozzarella picks.

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