Your child 1-3 years

Santa ... a lie that has good

At the nursery, in the streets, the spirit of Christmas is everywhere. Is it wise to make him "believe in Santa Claus"? Your child may be confused between reality and fantasy. Here are some good reasons to talk to him about it. Then you choose.

Santa enhances his imagination

  • Santa brings wonderful things to the child, teaches him to dream and allows him to build his own representations and imagination.
  • So, go back to childhood. Show him how much you, too, believe in Santa Claus and his fairyland. In the evening, tell him Christmas tales. Send him rituals that will constitute his album of memories: the glass of milk at the foot of the tree, the carrots for the reindeer ...
  • What to tell him. "Tomorrow morning, Santa Claus will have drunk all his milk and brought presents."

Christmas party consolidates the family bond

  • Of great transgenerational significance, the Christmas party connects your child to your traditions and those of his ancestors. You all have a common treasure: Santa Claus! These family meetings give confidence to your little one and reassure him about the love of his family.
  • Go see the pretty Christmas windows, decorate the Christmas tree with the family ... Introduce it to the pleasure of receiving: a beautiful table, beautiful clothes. Let his grandparents tell him about the Christmas of "when you were little", his dad and you.
  • What to tell him. "Before Santa comes, we will dress well and we will all party."

Santa Claus structures his critical spirit

  • Your child is not yet able to suspect that you are "lying". To tell him this "incredible" thing today helps to forge his personality. You now propose a situation that will enable him to seek to understand, evaluate and express doubts.
  • Do not feel guilty. He has plenty of time to learn the truth. When the time comes, your child will go one step further: getting closer to the adult world. And he will also become the holder of the same secret that he will later pass on to his own children.
  • What to tell him. "Santa brings toys to children around the world."

Mom's words

"Christmas has taken on all its magical dimension, the year of the 3 years of Elijah Fifteen days before, we decorated the Christmas tree and told every night a Christmas tale.We celebrated the eve with the family Elijah was really waiting for the He had left him, at the foot of the tree, a bowl of coffee and carrots for his reindeer.What a pleasure to see my son that morning, amazed by his gifts but also because the carrots had been crunched and the coffee swallowed! " Caroline, mother of Elie, 4 years old.

Frédérique Odasso with Geneviève Djénati, clinical psychologist and family therapist, author of The Prince Charming and the Hero, ed. Pocket, and Psychoanalysis cartoons, ed. Pocket.