The grape

The grape

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Whether French, Italian or Spanish, the grapes are on our tables from August to the end of December. Make the right choice and know how to keep it.

Grape side diet

  • Quite caloric (70 kcal / 100 g), this fruit is rich in potassium that limits the retention of wateru. It is therefore the ally of future mothers.
  • It should also be peeled, seeded and mixed with babies from 4 months.

Choose it well

  • The grapes can be covered with a light white veil called "pruine", sign of freshness. Only Chasselas de Moissac has a Protected Designation of Origin (AOC).

Keep it well and accommodate it

  • preserved at room temperature 3 to 4 days or 5 days down the refrigerator, this fruit should be washed before tasting.
  • Chasselas is excellent in salads or with cheese. The Muscat supports short and lively cooking, the Italia prefers long, the Alphonse-Lavallée is made for pies.

Véronique Chabrol

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