Foods that boost fertility

Foods that boost fertility

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If food has a real impact on health, why not have it on fertility? When you know that a woman has about 20% chance of getting pregnant during each menstrual cycle, you can also give a little help to fate by following some dietary advice!

On the women's side ...

  • The number one enemy of female fertility is sugar! Indeed, foods with a high glycemic index are a real brake since they increase, on the one hand, insulin sensitivity and, on the other hand, overweight. These two elements represent major causes of infertility.
  • Avoid all processed products, whose list of ingredients begins with the words "sugars". This is particularly the case of confectionery, cookies, industrial pastries.
  • Be careful, fast carbohydrates are sometimes hidden where you do not expect them. Prepared dishes, white flours, aperitif biscuits abound. It is therefore better to study carefully the nutritional table of the products you buy and favor the more complex sugars contained in vegetables, fruits, legumes or whole grains.

... and men

  • If sugar is also to be consumed in moderation, lipids seem to have an even more formidable impact on the quality of the spermatozoa. In particular, products of animal origin should be avoided as much as possible during the "baby test" period. Gentlemen, it is therefore advisable to restrict your consumption of meat, cold cuts and other foods rich in saturated fatty acids (dairy products) and mono-unsaturated (olive), to give all the chances to your spermatozoids to easily reach their goal.
  • To increase the mobility of male gametes, prefer rather foods rich in omega 3 found in fish, eggs or seafood. Some vegetable oils also contain and are therefore preferred to decorate your little dishes. This is particularly the case with nut oil or rapeseed oil.

For both…

  • The only real secret of boosted fertility is to have a healthy and balanced diet. Dietary diversity is the most effective way to get pregnant quickly.
  • All nutritionists say it: having a varied diet provides the body with all the nutrients it needs to function perfectly (trace elements, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants ...). For this, it is recommended to focus on fresh foods rather than industrialized products.
  • To have a baby quickly, it will be necessary to put you back to cook. In addition to putting the odds on your side to get pregnant, you will titillate your taste buds! Especially since it is useless to follow a diet "fertility" as one would follow a diet slimming, that is to say drastically. You have to know how to please yourself anyway!

Which foods to consume? The point in quiz!

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