The songs of Pinpin and Lili

The songs of Pinpin and Lili

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In the moonlight, At the clear fountain, So do, do, do, little puppets ... Pinpin and Lili are staged in soft videos to discover to your little one these pretty nursery rhymes and songs that rocked your childhood.

The videos of Pinpin and Lili's songs

On the bridge of Avignon

Miller you sleep

In the distant forest

A hen on a wall

I love the cake

It's Mother Michel

Hello my cousin

Small fish in the water

Do sleep, Colas ...

At the palace steps

With my girlfriend

In the moonlight

Has a clear fountain

Ah, will I tell you mom

To the

Let's Dance the Capucine

So do, do, do ...

Dodo, the child

Brother Jacques

My Christmas Tree…

Jingle All the Way

Fresh wind, morning wind

He was a lady Tartine

I have a big red nose

Pippin apple and lady apple

A green mouse

Fire firefighters

It's raining, it's raining, shepherdess

The emperor, his wife and the little prince

The round of vegetables

let's wander in the forest

My little bunny is very sad

On the floor a spider

It's Gugusse with his violin

In the forest a big deer

I lost the do of my clarinet

My ass, my ass

Rock and roll gallinaceous

Ah, my beautiful castle


Pirouette Peanut

Jingle Bells

Cadet Rousselle

Do not cry Jeannette

3 young drums

The hen in the shed

The farmer in his meadow

Gently goes away the day

Find more videos on the site Familiscope and on the Youtube channel of Pinpin and Lili