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The stickers, it's great!

The stickers, it's great!

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Attention, it must be put in the right place, the stick! Your child loves this activity which helps him to develop his fine psychomotricity. Ideal for a rainy day.

My trip around the world, in 80 pages of activities

  • Let's go for a big trip around the world with Philomène and Philémon in 80 pages of activities. Your toddler will have to color the dragon for the Chinese New Year, draw the olives of the olive trees of Greece, add crocodiles in the Egyptian Nile ...
  • His +: there are not only stickers, so the notebook lasts a little longer! Your child must also color according to the color codes, draw and sometimes paint (with a cotton swab to make grapes or aboriginal motifs, fun like anything!).
  • Mila editions, 240 stickers, 14,95 €.
  • Where to find it?


  • Yes, ballerinas, but also fairies, princesses, so many titles in this collection "I dress my friends" to make your little girl dream. To her to position the 400 stickers to dress these sirens balls in different ways! What dreams for hours!
  • His +: easy to find in supermarkets, this publisher offers many activity booklets on very interesting topics for your little curious and at very affordable prices!
  • Usborne, Usborne stickers collection, € 5.50.
  • To know : there is also for your little guys passionate about cranes and bulldozers, "Engines", 8,50 €
  • Where to find Les Ballerines?

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