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Toys to push, it pleases him!

Toys to push, it pleases him!

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Stroller, wheelbarrow ... everything that rolls fascinates toddlers. Push toys help pretend to be big, while still looking for the best way to walk!

14-18 months: the stroller shows him the way

  • Your toddler is barely on his legs and he is already "cluttering" with a stroller ... In fact, your apprentice walker does not clutter, he leans ... This toy is for him a solid support who traces the path to him and he feels safe gripping the handle ...
  • Until the day he gets to know a confusing aspect of this object: the wheels of the stroller often going faster than his little legs, he pricks on the ground by dragging his toy in his fall. Still too small to guess the cause of this very unpleasant incident and rather inclined to question himself, he will not turn away from his stroller but continue to cling and he is right: falling, to rise, to fall back ... is to learn to find one's center of gravity.
  • As everything eventually happens, here is your baby who succeeds without fault in the hallway and even starts the turn to his room. New incident! The thing is more complex and we must make a slight reverse to clear the machine! This is a new maneuver that requires a high concentration, because the coordination dynamics of his movements pushes the toddler to go forward and not to back down in front of the obstacle. But he learned the lesson ... Next time, he will anticipate his turn.
  • Another surprise for your baby: he who could sneak seamlessly between the wall and the couch, it is with his stroller it does not pass. He needs to revise his data on space, volume and his own body. The stroller teaches him to think while walking!

18-24 months: the wheelbarrow to play gardener

  • A stroller, your toddler knows what's the point ... A wheelbarrow is more confused! No matter, the bottom line is that it is a reduction of an adult "tool". Owning this replica and spotting your gestures enchants him, he wants to look so much like you.
  • Little by little, your child decodes the instructions for use of these objects. The stroller is obvious, is used to walk a baby. And what is the most like a baby? Her teddy bear or doll. The wheelbarrow is used in the garden to transport tools, soil, weeds ... With the right instructions, your child no longer seeks to be you, he plays to be a dad or a mom. He is immersed in his role as an adult "inside".
  • It is very important that your toddler can play in situation: to walk with you by pushing his baby, to carry earth burrows or to bring back a harvest of small pebbles during your walks. It will concretize much better the function of these objects ... even if, after, it replays the situations in the living room. Wheelbarrow and stroller taught him to enter the skin of his future character.

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