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Under the pretext of not gaining too much weight during and after pregnancy, many women are depriving themselves of pasta. Wrong! They are all good.

Pasta ... it does not make you fat

  • Like all starchy flour and starchy foods, Pasta only grows when accompanied by a fat-rich sauce.
  • Reasonably accommodated, they bring on the contrary to the body a sustainable energy and continues to avoid the pump and especially pecks after the meal. By limiting the nibbling of very caloric products (confectionery, sodas, cakes), they help you to keep your line.
  • During pregnancy, Solicited by the permanent demand for energy of her baby, the mother-to-be needs foods that slowly satisfy her body. It's a health issue.

Véronique Chabrol

Pasta: how old are you?

Starch is not quite a novelty for your baby, since the infant cereals he has consumed so far are largely constituted. He will certainly love the taste of pasta as soon as he accepts in his mouth a consistency less smooth than that of mashed potatoes.

So as not to frighten him, first replace the potatoes with 1 tablespoon semolina, as early as 7-8 months. Or cook in broth 50 g pasta (or 30 g accompanied by a vegetable) and pass them to the mixer as for a mashed potato. It will only be necessary to increase the size of the pasta as it will be able to use its teeth.


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