Grandma's remedies for getting pregnant

Even when the body is in perfect health and no physiological concern prevents a pregnancy, baby is sometimes slow to announce itself. This is normal: every woman has her own fertility cycle. Why not apply Grandma's remedies to get pregnant and, thus, put the odds on your side?

Grandma's remedy # 1: adopt a zen and positive spirit!

  • When you absolutely want to get pregnant and that despite this, baby is still desired, it is essential to maintain morale at the top. Indeed, to conceive a small piece of cabbage, it is not enough to be in excellent physical health: anxieties, stress, an anxiety, a decrease of moral morale or a chronic psychological fatigue can have consequences on your deep wish to have a child.
  • The ideal? Do not focus all your energy around this desire and, on the contrary, allow yourself to please and take care of yourself. For example, you can spend more time on your favorite activity or hobby. You can also multiply friendly and accomplice moments with your family and friends. Similarly, if you have the opportunity, do not hesitate to go on vacation to totally change your ideas. You will find a positive dynamic and an excellent state of mind, both conducive to the design of a baby.

Grandma's Remedy # 2: Heal Your Diet

  • To get pregnant faster, it is important to have a healthy, varied and balanced diet. To have fun and to be in excellent health, of course, but also to boost his body. Ideally, the diet should be rich in vitamins, vegetable protein, fatty acids, iron, omega 3 and antioxidants. On the other hand, avoid as much as possible processed products that are too fat and too sweet and that offer no nutritional benefits: cold cuts, confectionery, industrial dishes, sodas, biscuits, etc. These nutritional recommendations do not apply only to women: future dads are also concerned!

Grandma's Remedy # 3: Drink Infusions

  • In addition to a balanced diet, there is a grandmother's remedy that would allow you to conceive a baby faster. The principle is simple: it consists of drinking infusions made from garlic, ginger and honey.
  • To make this grandmother's recipe, just peel 1 nice piece of fresh ginger and then crush about 7 cloves of garlic that are plunged into a pan of simmering water. The mixture is allowed to infuse for 15 minutes, then filtered and, finally, 3 teaspoons of honey are added.
  • To vary the pleasures, know that other plants are also known to promote pregnancy: there are for example nettle, green clover, raspberry leaf or lavender.

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