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Phy serum, what is it for?

Phy serum, what is it for?

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Used to clean the nose or eyes of your toddler, saline is one of the essentials of child care. Manual…

What is phy serum?

  • Physiological saline, or physiological saline, is a saline solution composed of 9 g / l sodium chloride and purified water. It is sodium chloride which gives it antiseptic properties.
  • It is used to clean the eyes and nose of babies and children, since toddlers do not know how to blow their nose.
  • Do not use it to clean his ears.

Which one to choose ?

  • There are several brands of saline and different presentations (spray, single-dose ...), but no matter where you buy it, the composition of the product is the same.
  • It is available without prescription, in pharmacy or supermarkets, and has no contraindications for your baby.

How to use it ?

  • To clean the nose, wick a piece of cotton wool impregnated with serum.
  • Lay out your baby and clean each nostril (without pressing).
  • If your child has a cold, press on the dose introduced into the nostril (your baby sitting and head right). Wipe with a clean tissue.
  • The toilet of the eyelids and the nose must be daily.
  • Clean a crowded nose three times a day.

What precautions?

  • Be careful, any opened bottle must be used within 24 hours. Do not use the same vial for the eyes and nose.



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