The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

The Three Little Pigs and the Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

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Les Trois Cochons Petits are invited to the Seven Chevreaux birthday teas! Unfortunately on the way, they meet a bad wolf who follows suit. Faced with this weighty opponent, the three brothers will have to show who is really the strongest ...

The country of tales, you know? This is where Igor, Fedor, and Nestor, three little pigs, live with their parents. And it's an enchanted place! "The Little Pigs Little" revisits with humor our childhood tales, modernized and video.

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Texts and illustrations: Michel Van Zeveren. Sound studio: Scopitone. Voice: Martial the Minoux. Musical composition: Gilles Relisieux. Animation and video editing: Studio Togi. Studio Bayard Press - Adaptation of Beautiful Stories, 2016.

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