Diving eggs

Diving eggs

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For Easter, your handyman can make eggs like no other to offer to the guests! This fine team of diving eggs will give them a smile for sure!


  • Hard boiled eggs
  • Plastic bottle stoppers
  • Elastics
  • Straws
  • Black card stock and white paper
  • Double-sided tape and adhesive pads
  • A white felt

Divers eggs (9 pics)

The divers eggs: step 1

1. Paint half of the boiled eggs. Your drawing should represent a funny swimsuit.

The divers eggs: step 2

2. On white paper, draw a circle that fits perfectly to the diameter of the bottle lid. Draw two dots on the circle to make the eyes, then cut it out.

The divers eggs: step 3

3. Glue the diver's face to the bottle lid.

The divers eggs: step 4

4. With a white marker, draw the diver's fins on black card stock.

The divers eggs: step 5

5. Cut straw to snorkel.

The divers eggs: step 6

6. Attach the tube to the egg with a small rubber band.

The divers eggs: step 7

7. Glue the diving goggles onto the egg.

The divers eggs: step 8

8. Fix the egg on the flippers with the adhesive tape or the adhesive pads.

The divers eggs: step 9

9. Finished! The egg diver is now well equipped. Make him friends!

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