Pregnant brunette line, what to do?

Pregnant brunette line, what to do?

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You have just noticed that a brownish line bars your belly rounded by pregnancy? Responding to the sweet name of "linea nigra", this pigment event is totally benign and affects many pregnant women. Here is what you need to know about this strange phenomenon.

The brown line, kezako?

  • In addition to being responsible for most of the ills of pregnancy, the hormonal changes experienced by pregnant women are also responsible for the formation of a line of brown pigmentation that extends from the sternum to the pubis, in principle from the 4th month of pregnancy, although it can occur at any time during these nine months.
  • All pregnant women are not necessarily confronted with this cutaneous manifestation which, reassure you, disappears gradually after childbirth. Only the sometimes unattractive nature of this totally harmless demarcation can possibly hinder women during their pregnancy.

What is it due to?

  • If one looks in more detail at the physiological mechanism underlying this famous brown line, one realizes that the placenta is the main culprit! It is it, in fact, that promotes the increase of the melanotropic, a pituitary hormone that acts on the cells of the pigment system by activating the production of melanin. However, the brownish tint is caused by this particular pigment substance.
  • It is also found in the nipples that will become darker, or the face with the pregnancy mask. For information: the more you have dark or tanned skin, the more the phenomenon of hormonal hyperpigmentation may be important. In some women with very light skin, the line is sometimes almost invisible.

Can we avoid it?

  • If it is not possible to prevent its appearance, it is nevertheless possible to control its color. To prevent it from becoming too brown, it is therefore recommended to expose as little as possible to the sun's rays which are known to promote the synthesis of melanin.
  • If you have no choice, consider protecting yourself from ultraviolet light by regularly applying a full screen to your skin. On a daily basis, it is also advisable to moisturize one's skin with a hypoallergenic or anti-stretch mark body lotion.
  • In addition, avoid irritating dermatological products, such as scrubs, which would only weaken your skin without reducing the color of the brown line.