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The Bear and the Pipelette Fairies: Episode 3

The Bear and the Pipelette Fairies: Episode 3

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The bear is tired! These three pipettes do not stop chatting all day. He, what he likes is to speak on his own ... well, that's what he believes! The continuation and the end of our history.

  • In the evening, the bear returned to the cave. He did not think about the fairies anymore, but they were still there. He told himself his day: "The bear saw a big golden fish to run into the river with his two little ones. The bear followed the bees to the big hollow tree and licked their honey. The bear met a bird who told him a secret ... "The little fairies listened.
  • Night was falling and the bear was still talking: "The bear saw the ants pick up the raspberries ... "Softly, the little fairies approached, the bear saw them but he did not move.The bear heard an owl and she lives nearby. "
  • "Do you know his name?" Dared to ask the most curious little fairy. The bear answered in his big voice: "The bear knows the name of all the inhabitants of the mountain!"
  • Then the fairies snuggled against him and the bear told the animals of the mountain. The fairies listened long, long time ... until, slowly, their eyes close.
  • The next morning, when the bear woke up, he saw an old man who asked him admiringly, "How are you, O mountain bear, so that the little fairies are so wise?"
  • The bear replied: "The bear can tell stories."Then the old man said," I congratulate you. I am the great wizard Praline. I lift the punishment. Now the little fairies have to go home. "The fairy pipelettes said goodbye to the bear and they disappeared.
  • The bear was left alone. The days passed and the mountain seemed to him more and more sad. One evening, the bear sighed: "The bear is bored."
  • And even before he had time to say it again, the three little fairies appeared in front of him: "We are punished again! We did it on purpose. We're here for a long time ... Tell us, tell us a story? "
  • Just for the sake of grumbling, the bear says with a smile: "The bear is fed up."


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A story written by Anne-Isabelle Lacassagne, illustrated by Emilio Urberuaga, published in the magazine Belles Histoires, Bayard jeunesse.


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