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The mountain bear

The Bear Mountain, a beautiful film for little fans of ecology to see from age 6. Jonathan and Sophie spend the summer holidays at their grandfather's in the mountains.As Jonathan argues with his little sister, it crosses the gate of the garden, despite the warnings of the grandfather: suddenly removed by a gigantic bear, she disappears into a huge and mysterious forest ...

  • A real bitch, this little Sophie! And, of course, she manages to go on vacation anyway with Jonathan, his big brother of 11 years, at their grandfather! Following an argument between the two children, she runs away through the little garden gate that opens onto a large forbidden forest. Here is Sophie kidnapped by a gigantic bear. Jonathan, panicked looking for him ...
  • A nice graphic for this Danish ecological fable that lets itself look good. Obviously, the bear is not so bad and the woodcutter is devious and cruel!
  • From 6 years old.
  • By E. Toft Jacobsen, Bac Films, 1:14.
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