Childbirth under hypnosis

Anxiety and stress are aggravating factors in the perception of pain. By using distraction and suggestion techniques, focusing on relational and focusing on something other than suffering, these effects can diminish.

Hypnosis to change the experience of pain

  • To better understand hypnosis, we must know that our brain does not understand the negative. To tell women in the workroom not to push, necessarily provokes the opposite effect: the brain thinks first "push" and orders the body to do so to cancel this action in a second time.
  • It is not a question of denying what the woman feels during childbirth, but rather of using it.
  • Rather than focus a woman on her cervix that does not open because it may remain blocked on this neck irrevocably closed, as much offer him to visualize this neck as a flower that hatches, or as the diaphragm a camera that unfolds. There is a good chance that she relaxes and that suddenly her collar begins to open.
  • Thanks to suggestions techniques with the voice, the midwife helps the future mother to focus on something positive, on something other than his pain. And it works !
  • Medical imaging has scientifically demonstrated the positive impact of hypnosis on the area of ​​physical pain in the brain.
  • The pediatric teams at Robert Debré Hospital in Paris have been using it for many years to provide small patients with more humane and effective physical and psychological care. The results are very satisfactory.
  • In 75% of cases, pain and anxiety are halved.

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