Your child 5-11 years

Lack of self-confidence: how to help?

At school, during his spare time ... because he is physically different or less skilled than his peers in a field, your child does not feel up to it. You would like him to trust him. The advice of our specialist, Clothilde Robin-Avezou, clinical psychologist.


He has a physical difference

Smaller than the others, more coated ... your child does not feel like his comrades who make fun of him.

What has to be done

  • Do not deny the difference of your child because it exists and he has just become aware of it.
  • On the contrary, help him to accept it by valuing it. To gain confidence in him, he needs to feel that he is as valuable as his comrades and it is thanks to you that he can achieve this.
  • His friends call him "the giraffe" because he is very tall? Its size can also be a force, for example when playing sports. His comrades mock him because he is red? But they do not have pretty blue eyes.
  • What to tell him. "Like your dad, you're tall, how would you like to join a basketball club?"

You expect too much from him

  • As a child, you were good at sports. Unconsciously, you expect it to be the same for your child and you push him to excel himself. A pressure a little too big for his age ...

What has to be done

  • For your child, this sport class is a hobby and not a competition. He goes there to have fun with his comrades. Of course, he wants to progress but, for that, he must have confidence in him. But your repeated advice begins to make him doubt.
  • Do not interfere in the teacher's place. Your child is waiting for support and encouragement from you. And if during his hour of sport, you go for a ride to let him enjoy his moment, far from your eyes?
  • What to tell him. "For a few weeks, your teacher told me that you had made progress, I am very proud of you."

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