Public maternity or private maternity?

Public maternity or private maternity?

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From the beginning of their pregnancy, future mothers must register in a maternity ward. How to choose? What are the differences between the public and the private? Here are some answers.

Before choosing her motherhood, the mother-to-be must take into account several key elements, whether for childbirth in the public or in the private sector. What is the ranking level of maternity? Is an anesthesiologist and a doctor present 24 hours a day? What is the proportion of deliveries triggered? Caesareans?

The + of public maternities

  • The fees are totally supported by Social Security.
  • The future mother can be followed on the spot throughout her pregnancy.
  • Public maternities are classified in three categories 1, 2 and 3. The former support normal pregnancies; the second offer a neonatology service for newborns over 32 weeks old. The third concerns at-risk pregnancies and has a resuscitation service for babies born less than 32 weeks old.
  • Since birth, the infant is cared for first aid by a pediatrician and a pediatric nurse.
  • The midwife has a central role.

The - public maternities

  • he is not always possible to obtain a single room.
  • It is rarely the gynecologist, or the midwife, who accompanied you for 9 months that you will find the D-day.
  • Care is less personalized only in the clinic.
  • Count three days for a normal delivery.
  • The visiting hours are strict! But more and more hospitals are accepting the father's presence for most of the day.

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