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Put in place a mixed breastfeeding

Put in place a mixed breastfeeding

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Are you going back to work soon and want to put in a mixed breastfeed for more convenience? Here are some tips for making this transition smooth.

What is mixed breastfeeding?

  • Mixed breastfeeding is to give your baby a portion of his breast milk and the other, with infant milk, bottle-feeding.

Mixed breastfeeding from birth?

  • Yes, but be aware that your breastfeeding may be shorter because lactation will not have had the time to settle or to "calibrate" properly. Not being stimulated enough in the beginning, it may fall, especially with the drop in hormone levels.
  • It is therefore best to breastfeed exclusively for at least 15 days, at best three weeks, until your baby gets used to breastfeeding, without simultaneously learning how to suck the bottle. Your lactation will have time to get well.

The first bottle

  • Start your mixed breastfeeding by introducing a baby bottle a day. To keep him suckling well, give him the bottle so that he places his tongue in the same way in both situations. So that your baby does not give up breastfeeding, his sucking must be the best possible.
  • The flow It must also be similar to the flow of your breast, otherwise it may prefer the bottle, which goes faster!
  • As soon as this first bottle is well established and that your breasts are not engorged, introduce a second bottle.

A feeding every how much?

  • So that your lactation is maintained, count three feedings per 24 hours, 4 being ideal the first two months.

Mixed breastfeeding until when?

  • As long as you want! It is your child who may be tired of the breast first, preferring the bottle that flows faster and effortlessly.

Has he taken enough?

  • It is estimated that a baby has had enough milk if there are many stools in the first few weeks (one at each feed, then one per day), if he often wets his diaper (5 to 6 times a day) and if his growth curve is regular.

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