Caesarean section, how is it?

When vaginal delivery is not possible, caesarean section is a surgical procedure to extract the baby from the mother's uterus. It is a perfectly controlled intervention. Today, 1 in 5 births are by caesarean section.

There are two types of caesarean section

Cesarean section is an operation that involves removing the baby surgically when vaginal delivery is not possible. There are 2 types of caesarean section:

  • The planned cesarean section is decided during pregnancy for medical reasons such as some presentations of the baby (eg: face, shoulder, some seats), a scar uterus, a toxemia gravidarum, a baby too big, a placenta prævia, an outbreak of genital herpes, a risk of transmission of viruses such as HIV ...
  • Emergency Cesarean section is decided during childbirth when certain unforeseen elements can endanger the health of the child or the mother, especially in cases of cord prolapse, haemorrhage, and end of dilation of the child. cervix, fetal distress or placental abruption.

Cesarean section, step by step

  • Caesarean section is performed in the operating room, usually under loco-regional anesthesia, which allows the mother to be fully aware and dad to be present. It is very exceptionally performed under general anesthesia.
  • The anesthetic and analgesic products are more powerful than those used in the context of a classic epidural, in order to completely numb the lower part of the body. Before starting the procedure, the surgeon makes sure that the mother-to-be is completely numb.
  • Before the incision, the pubic hair is shaved and the bladder is emptied using a urinary catheter.
  • To avoid the future mother to see the details of the intervention, we place before her a surgical field. If the noises tend to frighten him, we can offer him to listen to music with a headphone on the ears.
  • The surgeon makes the transverse incision of the abdominal wall in the pubic area. It extracts the baby and the umbilical cord is cut immediately. Birth does not take more than 10 minutes. If all goes well, the baby is presented immediately to his mother who will be able to cuddle him to get to know each other.

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