Christmas: plant pine cones in the decor

Christmas: plant pine cones in the decor

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The Christmas tree in your Christmas decor, a must ... but have you thought of pinecones that can also turn into deco objects too cute and very easy to achieve with your elves?

Karine Ancelet

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Christmas: plant pine cones in the decor (8 photos)

Show the colors!

Here is an easy DIY with little pom poms that will give color to the party! See the Pinterest DIY

Invite goblins!

With their little bell at the top of the hat, these pretty elves dressed in felt to hang on the tree will put the mood at Christmas. See the Pinterest DIY

Christmas messengers

Made with rolls of toilet paper, paper balls, black cardboard and carrot sticks, these pretty fellows will also need a beautiful scarf. To your elves to choose the model that they like! See the Pinterest DIY

Mutinous Elves

Elongated pine cones, a little bit of foam, balls made of wood, plastic or polystyrene (it also works with ping-pong balls if your pine cones are big enough), felt, wire, matches, twigs ... and here are the forest elves ready to party! See the Pinterest DIY

My beautiful fir trees

Recycle pine cones in mini-pines, that's clever! See the Pinterest DIY

Santa's reindeer

Do your loulous like clay? This tutorial is for them! See the Pinterest DIY

Owl, it's Christmas!

Here is a very nice DIY specially designed for small hands. See the Pinterest DIY

Funny birds

These fledglings left their nest and got on their 31s to participate in the festivities! See the Pinterest DIY