Your child 3-5 years

The Suricate family

What do we do today ? Take a tour of Africa and watch the Suricate Family DVD! They are so cute.

What is the story ?

  • Life is hard in the African Kalahari Desert. This is where Kolo, the meerkat baby, and his wonderful family live. With his big brother, Kolo learns to swallow a scorpion without being bitten, to make escape the eagle or the cobra, never far. Together, the meerkats fight against the danger. Their strategy? Stand side by side and stand on their hind legs, bristly hairs to be taller than they are.
  • But one day, Kolo gets lost... He will have to brave the drought and dangerous predators to find his parents, his brothers and his sisters.

Why is it good?

  • The story of Kolo, told by Guillaume Canet, it is the initiation into adulthood and the struggle of the small against the giants without forgetting the universal values ​​such as courage, solidarity and sense of family. A touching story that brings these funny little animals to the black mask of the human species and that will please your children. Be careful though, some scenes may scare toddlers, especially when the eagle is attacking the meerkat family.

A film by James Honeyborne. 1 h 24

Where to find it?

Stéphanie Letellier