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We observe butterflies and snails!

We observe butterflies and snails!

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Zou, in the garden! Your little naturalist will help you count butterflies, snails and slugs. One, two, three ... all this to participate in the 4th season of the Observatory Butterflies gardens and the new Operation Snails!

  • What's the use of looking for butterflies? To better understand what is happening in nature! Tell your toddler that when you were a child you went to hunt for butterflies ... Explain that, unfortunately, butterflies disappear like many other species. The Observatory, helped by big and small, monitors them to see how they are doing today.

Where do we start?

Register on and download:

  • The count card.
  • The little guide of the 28 butterflies with their characteristics and their photos

And after ?

  • Ouste outside! And in your garden, in the square square and again on your terrace, take action. Look for butterflies! You have to count them and identify them, but thanks to your cards and your guide, you will get there without any problem!

If you can not find butterflies, look for snails!

  • Even if the observatory season is launchedyou have until October to participate. For toddlers, snails are easier. First he can manipulate them, look at them very closely and keep the shells empty.

For information

The Butterfly Garden Observatory is launched in partnership with the National Museum of Natural History, the Noé Conservation Association and the Nicolas Hulot Foundation.

Agnes Barboux