Your baby 0-1 year

Dad: 4 activity ideas to do with your baby

You like to spend time with your baby, cuddle him, take care of him and do activities to accompany him in his development. But sometimes you lack inspiration. To help you, here are 4 new ideas to awaken your bout'chou by spending a very good time with him.

1 / A song before sleeping

  • To prepare your treasure for a good night's sleep, share a hug while singing "Hey, little Sam" on the air of "He was a little ship":
  • He was a little gaR cwe (bis)
  • Who wanted his, his, his little blanket (bis)
  • Oh! Oh!
  • Oh! Oh! little Sam
  • Little Sam'sasleep with dad
  • Oh! Oh! little Sam
  • Little Sam'sasleep all the night.
  • Sign (mime) the words in bold at the same time as you pronounce them. Feel free to personalize this song: boy can be replaced by girl; Sam by the name of your child ... and Petit Sam can fall asleep with dad, with mom, with his blanket, with music ...

2 / A yoga session

  • Finding a moment of relaxation for yourself is not always easy in the life of a parent, especially after a day's work. Why wait ? Take time with your baby and focus on simple posture and breathing. It is a source of good for both.
  • The posture of the Buddhas: sit cross-legged, your baby sitting in the crook of your legs. Let your hands rest on your knees, palms up to the sky. Close your eyes. Be aware of your posture: ground anchoring, stretching to the sky. Breathe quietly and feel the coolness of the air at the inspiration, its heat at the expiration. Feel your breathing movement and that of your baby. Finally, slowly open your eyes.

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