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Help him with his homework

Help him with his homework

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Multiplication tables, poetry, dictation ... It's not always easy for you to help your child with his homework, especially if you come home late. Is it worthwhile to hire a student to support him? What to do in case of blockage? Our advices.

How to help him with his homework?

  • To have a taste for learning and working, your child has a basic need : that you are interested in his life as a schoolboy. Not only his notes but what he learned, what he lived with his friends and his teacher. Hence the importance of taking time each evening to discuss with him his day ... and indirectly his homework. "Did you study the French Revolution?" It's a subject that fascinates me! "," Did you have a lesson on that? Did you understand everything? "
  • If you notice a gap, a badly acquired notion, useless to want to redo a complete course after his day of work ... and yours! But keep it in a corner of your head to come back more quietly during the weekend. A little help is often useful!

Doing homework for many friends, why not?

  • A priori, it is rather a good idea. Working in a group is always stimulating because an emulation is created. And it has the advantage of avoiding explosive "parent-child" head-to-head! But do not be naive: without the presence of an adult, these meetings between children, even motivated, may degenerate ...
  • So why not opt ​​for self-help and trouble? By agreeing with four or five other families, you can implement a rollover. Once a week, a parent takes care of the small group of children and supervises tasting and homework.

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