Inflated feet: what solutions?

Inflated feet: what solutions?

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Trampling, barefoot on the 5 cm of heels of our new sandals, a baby on the hip, it's all good to swell our feet! Our explanations and our freshness solutions.

Why this tendency to swell for our feet?

  • Because our "lower extremities", at the end of the circulatory system, are poorly irrigated. Indeed, arteries (benefiting from heart impulses) pulsate from the heart blood that must oxygenate the entire body. The veins, they bring back the blood, emptied of oxygen and charged with carbon dioxide, towards the heart, but they are much less helped in this circulation of return by the heart, even if it has a function "aspirante" · Fortunately we have a "second heart", a sort of sponge attached under our feet. By putting your foot on the ground, the pressure we exert on these tissues raises the blood, assisted by the muscular contraction of the calf.


  • This ingenious system can only work if we regularly support our "second heart". But our current way of life exposes us more to standing stations than to great strides! As a result, our circulation back laziness, the volume of blood to be repatriated to the heart increases.
  • To respond to this engorgement, the veins use their elasticity as much as possible and dilate in order not to burst. Inundated, they compress our lymphatic system full of plasma ... And our feet swell.

A very boring thermo-regulation

  • These are the tiny capillaries running through the dermis that help maintain the constant temperature of our body. Planned in large numbers in body endings (more exposed to the weather), they retract in cold weather to reduce blood flow and prevent heat loss. But, in summer, conversely, to eliminate the excess of internal heat, they dilate. Like our feet.

A "endowment" rich in moisture

  • In order to cool off, our soles are widely supplied with sweat glands. In closed shoes, even if they are canvas, our feet are bathed in a humidity that favors the proliferation of bacteria (the sweat degraded by these bacteria releases malodorous fatty acids) and the sliding of our plantar arch in the footwear, which ignites more our feet!

Poor hormonal secretion

  • Venous return is not facilitated in the woman's body. Veins are very sensitive to female hormonal variations. Their periods of influx favor venous dilatation. Thus, being pregnant or out of a pregnancy, is an aggravating factor in the hormonal bath!

Suggestions to improve the situation

  • SAUPOUDRE in your shoes a little talc or deodorant powder. Your feet, insulated from the sole, will warm up less to their contact during their incessant back and forth.
  • CHOOSE shoes with small heels (3 cm), they offer the best "footrest" to our second heart.
  • PRACTICE a sport that "advances" to encourage the excitement of this pump (walking, running, jogging). In contrast, avoid sports that "trample": tennis, ping-pong, rollers ...
  • GET a gentle slope to your return traffic, lying down several times a day, legs higher than the heart!
  • PREPARE yourself a foot bath at night: two to three liters of warm water scented with a few drops of essential oil (lavender, lemon, cypress ...). Take advantage of this treatment to practice some relaxation movements. Peel the feet off the bottom of your basin and draw small circles on the surface of the water by rotating the dowels (10 times in one direction, 10 times in the other). Reassemble the tips of your feet to your shins, then point your toes to the bottom of the basin (10 times too).

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