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Pinocchio is coming home!

Pinocchio is coming home!

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What happiness! Pinocchio, one of the most tender masterpieces of Walt Disney is restored. And to celebrate his 70th birthday, he releases on DVD and Blu-Ray. We want the complete box, please!

Pinocchio: a great scenario!

  • It's an Italian journalist, Carlo Collodi, who created this little wooden puppet. History of repaying a dark game debt!

Once upon a time Disney ...

  • Another genius, another story. Nearly 60 years later, Walt Disney reinvents its Pinocchio. No doubt more "endearing", more loving with its round boiling!
  • This is the second feature film of the creator of Mickey, Snow White has just made a triumph!

Why your toddler will love Pinocchio

  • He identifies himself: Pinocchio ... it's him! He too is a prankster, doing stupid things. He too dreams of being the nicest little boys or girls. But it's hard to get up every morning to go to school! If we invited him to the country of toys ...
  • There are the bad guys: the terrible Stromboli who locks him up, the rogue fox and Gideon the cat, who look nice and who are not ... the Land of toys that hides a terrible truth, the equally terrifying whale ... There is also the good ones: the Blue Fairy, sweet as a mother, and this good old Gepetto, like Santa, and this spiritual guide, Jiminy Cricket.
  • It's funny and colorful: the Figaro cat, the red Pinocchio panties and this longer, longer nose ... a real treat for your little devil! Not to mention the Oscar-winning music twice! Hi diddle dee dee ...
  • There are bonuses with DVD and Blu-Ray: games, puzzles, karaoke, making-off that will seduce your aspiring movie buffs.

From 3 years old. Pinocchio, by Ben Sharpsteen and Hamilton Luske, Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment.

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