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Babbling place

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Farewell vocalizations, hello babbling! Around 8-10 months, your toddler is no longer satisfied with singing vowels alone, he associates them with a consonant. Hence the endless rosaries of "papapapa" or "babababa".

Around 8-10 months ... what he tells you

  • After the vocalises, place in babbling! By chaining the "papapapa" or "babababa": an excellent training in the proper placement of the tongue, lips, control of the larynx and pharynx.
  • Then babbling becomes more complexand it is not unusual for young creators to opt for more varied combinations around 9 months. You will hear, for example, "pabouyé" or "oye"!
  • He proves… that he has just tamed the syllable, the basic unit of the language. So that's a good thing done, made possible by a physiological maturation that accelerates. Your baby's larynx acquired the right-angle curvature that was missing. The tongue is lengthened and muscular: it can now move back and forth.

Around 8-10 months ... what he hears

  • Your attentive listener has not finished surprising you. If you make him listen to two lists of words, one directly related to his daily life (bottle, shoe, cake, etc.) and another, very far from his concerns, but similar phonetic difficulty (obsolete) , bigot, volute, harrier, etc.), he prefers the first.
  • He proves… that he is able, if not to memorize words that he hears regularly, at least to recognize them. At this age, we can not yet speak of understanding. Nevertheless, if you throw him happily "we go for a walk", brandishing his anorak and taking out the stroller, he quickly deduce what awaits him, thanks to the context!

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