First month of pregnancy: 1st to 4th week (3 to 6 weeks)

First sign that will put you smart, the delay of your period. Then, little by little, under the effect of hormones, your whole body will start to make signs. The point on this first month of pregnancy.

First signs of your baby

  • At the very beginning, it's your inner voice telling you that you may be pregnant. If this is the case, at the end of this 1st month, the biological indices characteristic of pregnancy (nausea, sore breasts ...) will appear. What are these evils? In fact, it is the fault of the hormones (progesterone, estrogen, hCG), whose role is to maintain the embryo in the uterine lining.

Weeks of amenorrhea, kezako?

  • Throughout your pregnancy, you will hear the doctor talk about weeks of amenorrhea. There are actually two ways to calculate the progress of your pregnancy. The calculation of weeks of amenorrhea or AS (41 weeks), used by doctors, is based on the first day of the last period. The calculation of weeks of pregnancy or SG (39 weeks) is based on the day of fertilization.

Pregnancy test, when and how?

  • How it works ? The pregnancy test looks for the presence of hCG (chorionic gonadotropin hormone, secreted by the embryo, then the placenta) in your urine. It is detectable from the 8th day after fertilization, but it is better to wait about ten days after fertilization or a few days after the presumed return of menses, when the hCG level is high enough to be detected. The result, which is 99% reliable, will have to be confirmed by a blood test.

The announcement to dad ... without champagne

  • The test is positive ... you will share the news with the future dad. One thing is certain, celebrate the event for two, but without drowning it in the bubbles ... unless it's a non-alcoholic soft drink! From now on, alcohol is niet for you, like tobacco!

Loss, bleeding ... disturbing?

  • Bleeding is common early in pregnancy, it is the blood vessels in the uterine lining that can bleed during implantation of the egg. If they are accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen, before thinking about a miscarriage (a spontaneous abortion) or an ectopic pregnancy, that is to say a pregnancy that develops outside of the uterine cavity, go to the hospital. The doctor will reassure you.
  • Your vaginal secretions are more important? Nothing more normal in your condition, do not worry. In fact, these losses protect your vagina from infections.

The first month on the baby side

He prepares his nest

1st month: the video

My mind-beast of the 1st month

  • Make an appointment with your doctor in case of a positive test.
  • Update your Carte Vitale to be able to benefit from all your rights.
  • Since you are in medical appointments, go and visit your dentist to make sure that everything is fine with your teeth (no cavities) and your gums (the presence of untreated periodontal disease) may eventually lead to premature delivery).
  • From now on, no alcohol or cigarette.

Month by month, all stages of your pregnancy

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