Your child 1-3 years

First drawings: observe them

2-3 years is the age when your child begins to scribble, color ... a leisure activity, which directs his attention! The indications of Philippe Wallon, psychotherapist *, to read - and not to interpret (only a psychoanalyst experienced in testing techniques can analyze them) - his drawings.

A work not always art

  • So small, we speak rather of "scribbles". Some are pretty, some are not. No matter, congratulate him, let him evolve, without forcing him to do "aesthetic".

The important thing is the material

  • He does not distinguish the different elements, paper, hand, drawing. What interests him is as much the expression as the result. Like Picasso, who liked to work on raw materials and did not care about finality!

A great game

  • He can also perform rounds, dots, lines that type on his sheet, even to the hole or break the mine of his pencil! Do not be offended, unless he had the bad idea of ​​attacking the walls!

A future artist

  • Your child will, little by little, apply to make a man ... but his intention is not fixed. He can tell you "I'm a dog" and then say "Did you see the house?" Similarly, you can ask him to draw a tree, but as he has no model, he will make a pie and say "here's a school"! Once well trained to make loops, he will try to identify the inside, then the outside: this is the beginning of the "real" drawing.

Safia Amor

* Author of Child's drawing, ed. What do I know?