Name Abdelaziz - Meaning and origin

Name Abdelaziz - Meaning and origin

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Abdelaziz is a name that comes from two Arabic terms: "abdel" which means "servant" and "aziz" which means "powerful".


Born March 2, 1937, Abdelaziz Bouteflika is the 5th President of the People's Democratic Republic of Algeria. With four presidential terms to his credit, he holds the record of longevity at the head of this country.
Very popular in Morocco, the artist Abdelaziz Al Arbaoui, known as Abdelaziz Stati, chaâbi singer and master of kamanja, a flattened resonant violin in the shape of eight.
French-Moroccan footballer Abdelaziz Barrada, player at Paris-Saint-Germain, at the Al-Jazira Club in Abu Dhabi, then at Olympique Marseille.
To your little champion to choose his path ...

His character :

The Abdelaziz are daring and determined ... but hide a little sensitive heart!


Abdelazziz, AbdelHazziz

His party :

No party date

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