Name Adémar - Meaning and origin

Name Adémar - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Adémar is composed of two German roots "adal" and "mar", which mean respectively "noble" and "famous".


The bishop of Puy Adémar of Monteil (in the 11th century), Adémar of Angoulême (account of Poitiers from 890 to 902, then of Angoulême from 916 to 926), the French monk-chronicler and composer Adémar de Chabannes, the troubadour Adémar the Black (18th century) ...

His character :

Adémar is a person who has the judge. Thanks to his faculty of discernment and objectivity, he remains realistic in all circumstances. Moreover, he does not hesitate to impose a minimum of time for reflection before acting out.
Ademar is a frank man, sometimes a little uncomfortable. Jovial, he knows how to use his sense of humor to relax the atmosphere and to amuse others.
Ademar is protective vis-à-vis his relatives. Friendship and family are more than precious to him. He is constantly on the lookout for family harmony.



His party :

The day of March 24 was dedicated to the Adémar in memory of the Benedictine monk Aldemar (XI century).

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