Your child 3-5 years

Music is good for children!

Creativity, socialization ... music is a happiness for children. Philippe Kaczmarek, creator of Tout conservatoire in Paris, explains all the benefits.

At home, put at your disposal some instruments

What does music bring to children?

  • She develops enormously their creativity.With a keyboard or a drum, a child finds himself making sounds. It also extends their ability to take risks. To dare to blow in a trumpet is not so obvious. In my classes, when a child succeeds in making a sound, most of the time, he turns to his parent right away, because he is proud of him. Group music also allows socialization: we learn to listen to others and sometimes even imitate them. Babies also love music and songs.

How to give the taste of music to his child?

  • The best service you can give himis to be a friend of the music yourself. Listen to it at home, mixing styles because your child can enjoy discovering something other than nursery rhymes. At home, put at his disposal some instruments: small percussions, a keyboard, a trumpet ... He will seize it himself. But opt ​​for instruments a minimum qualitative, even if they are toys, with a fair: it is better to have one good, than several bad. Then let him do it and encourage him. If for you, it's mostly noise, for your child, it's a source of creativity.
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Stéphanie Letellier