Name Ambroise - Meaning and origin

Name Ambroise - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Regarded as a mixed first name, Ambroise derives its origin from the Greek word "ambrôsios" which means immortal. According to Greek mythology, ambrosia ouambroisie is a plant that contributed to the immortality of the gods of Olympus. They drank it in liquor ... ambrosia. This usually male first name is less and less used ... but could come back with the vogue of retro names.


In England, this name was given to various half-historical, half-legendary characters, such as Ambrosius Aurelianus, the equivalent of King Arthur, who repelled the Saxons. It is also the qualifier given to the enchanting Merlin, whom the fairy Viviane had rendered immortal. An enchanting name so ...

Among the personalities, there is the French anatomist and surgeon Ambroise Paré (1510-1590), the French composer Charles Louis Ambroise Thomas, known in the nineteenth century for his operas (Mignon). Let's also mention the French actor and director Ambroise Michel (Plus belle la vie, Cut!) And the politician Ambroise Croizat (1901-1951), one of the founders of Social Security and the pension system.

His character :

Independent, proud, creative and impulsive, the Ambroise have character! Very communicative, they are curious and thirsty for knowledge. Nice character for your little guy!


Ambroisie, Amber, Ambrosia, Ambrose, Ambroisine, Ambrosi

His party :

The Ambroise are celebrated on December 7th. St. Ambrose, Ambrose of Milan or Aurelius Ambrosius was elected bishop of Milan in 374. He is recognized as a saint of beekeepers by the Catholic Church and the Orthodox Church.

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