Name Aniss - Meaning of thumbs

Name Aniss - Meaning of thumbs

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Aniss is a male given name of Arab origin.

In Arabic, aniss means "sociable and friendly".


No Aniss known to this day, your little treasure will perhaps be?

His character :

Radiant, Aniss can develop a certain ascendancy over his classmates and seduce his entourage. If it seems sometimes a little authoritarian, it is because it implements its qualities as a born leader. Aniss is at once loyal, welcoming and sincere. Concerned about his appearance, he is not so pretty. He just likes to please his entourage. Curious and open-minded, Aniss is communicative and particularly appreciates exchanges.

Enemy of laziness, Aniss is dynamic and enterprising at will. Inventing games, taking part in housework or revising, everything is good to occupy Aniss.

Generous and spontaneous, Aniss also makes happy friends. He certainly has a slight tendency to seek to dominate his friends, nevertheless he perfectly balances his rectitude, energy, courage and effort. This whole character and this loyalty do not forgive the slightest mistake. Aniss's grudge is strong and his hard-won confidence is hard to find. Volunteer, courageous and determined, Aniss knows what he wants. Conflicts of authority may occur in cases of excess laxity or rigidity. The must is to balance the balance between love, authority, listening, dialogue and above all a certain freedom.


Anice, Anyss, Anissa, Anyssa, Anisa, Anisha, Annissa, Hanissa, Annyssa, Anissah, Annise, Anyse, and Anise are all variants of the first name Aniss.

His party :

No party is dedicated to the Aniss until today.

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