Name Anne-Lyse - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

This charming feminine name comes from the contraction of the Hebrew words "hannanh" and "Elisabeth" which respectively mean "gracious" and "God or hello". The etymological roots of this forename also mean "god is oath".


Anne-Lyse Thomine is a journalist and animator specializing in simple editing (Adobe Audition, Final Cut). She is a radio host on Radio France since March 2013.
Anne-Lyse Renon is a graphic designer and doctoral student in anthropology at the Center for Linguistics and Sociolinguistics of the Marcel Mauss Institute (EHESS - CNRS).
Anne-Lyse Demarchi is an expert psychologist leading a psychotherapy practice in Clermont-Ferrand.
Anne-Lyse is under the protection of St. Anne, the mother of the Virgin Mary and the grandmother of Jesus Christ. She is also the patron saint of Brittany.

His character :

Anne-Lyse has complete confidence in her abilities. She is thus opposed to the misogynistic concepts and practices that are still present in society. It would not be surprising to see her engage in female activism. By nature, she particularly hates addiction, whether to family members or to her companion. This mentality largely explains the reasons that motivate her to be particularly active in her life. His great will is accompanied by a good faculty of analysis allowing him to apprehend each event with discernment. Anne-Lyse also loves challenges. It tends then to opt for activities dominated by the male for his career orientation. Anne-Lyse blossoms fully by working in the technical and scientific fields. On an emotional level, she sometimes goes half-hearted, because men do not always perceive her as a real woman because of her lack of femininity. Despite her complex emotions, Anne-Lyse is quite capable of leading a stable and happy life.


Annelyse, Anelise, Annelise, Anne-Lysia and Anne-Louise.

His party :

The Anne-Lyse are celebrated on July 26 and November 17.

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