Name Anne-Marie - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

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Anne-Marie is composed of two names: Anne, of the Hebrew "hanan" which means "graceful" and Mary, of the Hebrew "mar-yâm" translating as "princess of the sea".


Anne-Marie Beretta, French stylist, Anne-Marie Delcambre, French author, Anne-Marie Cadot-Colin, French author for children ("Perceval or the tale of the Grail" and "Yvain, the knight to the lion"), Anne-Marie Career, actress, comedian and French singer, Anne-Marie Peysson, writer, journalist and French speaker.

Saint Anne-Marie Javouhey is the founder of the congregation of the Sisters of Saint-Joseph de Cluny, who died in 1851.

His character :

The term that best defines Anne-Marie is "passionate". She is used to putting a lot of effort into achieving her goals. She can totally be absorbed by a task and not see anything around her anymore. Anne-Marie loves traveling and meeting new people. Endowed with an adventurous soul, she will always be looking for new encounters and new destinations.


Marianne, Anne, Annette, Annie, Anna, Marie, Mariette and Maria.

His party :

Anne-Marie is celebrated on July 15th in honor of Saint Anne-Marie Javouhey.

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