Fishing for small fish

Every day, find one of the infos extracted from the new issue of the collection "The essentials of: 71 games for out and in", sold with the June issue of. Today, two games for 2-4 years.

  • Call two groups of children, on one side the fishermen, on the other, fish. The small fishermen standing in a circle stand with their hands high and count, while the small fish pass and repass in the round ...
  • With the group of fishermen, decide on a number. That's when you throw the nets.
  • At the key moment, when the number is reached, fishermen lower their arms and catch fish that become fishermen. The last caught fish won!

The ice

  • The pack ice is a large white sheet laid on the lawn. The goal: your children are penguins who have to climb on the ice floe.
  • At first, it's easy, there is room for everyone. Then the penguins come down from the pack ice to go for a swim. During this time, the sun melts the pack ice: you fold the sheet in half to make it smaller. The penguins will tighten to go back to dry.
  • They succeeded ? Well done, but it's time to go back to go swimming for fish. The pack ice is still melting and the penguins are going to devise strategies to survive on this pack ice, which is shrinking from turn to turn.

Stéphanie Letellier

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