Name Antonia - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

Greeks, Latins

Meaning of the name:

Antonia comes from the Latin "antonius" which means "priceless" and from the Greek "anthos" which translates to "flower".


Antonia Thomas, actress of British origin who became known to the public thanks to the character of Alisha Daniels she plays in the series Misfits, Antonia de Rendinger, comedian and actress French, Antonia Kidman, journalist and TV presenter Australian actress, Nicole Kidman's younger sister, Antonia Bird, British-born director, Antonia Campbell-Hugues, an Anglo-Irish actress known for her "Lead Balloon" series.
St. Anthony was born into a rich family in Egypt. Becoming an orphan at 18, he distributed his goods to the poor at the age of 20 and settled his sister in a female community as a "consecrated virgin". He is considered the founder of Christian eremitism.

His character :

Courageous and enterprising, Antonia is a determined person, full of vitality and endowed with a certain taste for risk. On a daily basis, she is very often a leader. She is attracted by the sensational and constantly seeks to push her limits.
In friendship as in love, Antonia does not skimp on the means to please the other. Protective, she does not hesitate to release her claws if we try to hurt her family and loved ones.


Antoine, Antonio, Anthonio, Anthonia and Antonie.

His party :

Antonia is celebrated February 28th.

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