Name Archimedes - Meaning and origin

Name Archimedes - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Archimedes is a name that derives from the Greek "arkhi" and "mêdês". It means "Native of Media".


Archimedes of Syracuse was the name of a Greek scholar who lived in the 3rd century AD. He is at the origin of "the buoyancy of Archimedes" that he would have understood, it is said, taking his bath. He would have run naked through the streets of the city shouting the sentence that remains in the story: "Eureka!" (Meaning "I found" in ancient Greek).

His character :

Archimedes has a strong personality. He gives himself completely to the projects and activities that are important to him, so that he sometimes forgets others. Intelligent and proud, his friendship will be sincere and he will be attentive to the desires of the people he loves. Archimedes will be easy to live from time to time, as long as he appreciates the person accompanying him. With his heart on his hand, he attracts sympathy and respect.


No known derivatives

His party :

The name Archimède is not associated with any party.

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