Name Arnault - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Arnault comes from the Germanic words "arn" which means "eagle" and "waldan" which means "to govern".


Arnaud Montebourg, French politician, Arnaldo Calveyra, Argentine poet and novelist.
Arnaud de Villeneuve or Arnau de Vilanova was a doctor, an alchemist, a theologian and a astrologer of the thirteenth century.
Arno Klarsfeld, lawyer of Franco-Israeli origin.

His character :

Arnault is a hyperactive, dynamic and enterprising boy. Often giving in to his excitement, he always seems to be in a hurry, and patience is not part of his virtues. Each time, he has a project that he has to carry out. Arnault is friendly and always looking for the company of others. Breathing the gaiety and joy of life, he often trains his entourage in the wake of his excitement. Gifted with great intelligence, he believes that others are supposed to have the same pace as him and be able to do the same things as him, so much so that he ends up being intolerant. It is also a charmer and a conqueror who considers the difficulty or refusal as a stimulant to redouble efforts. Brimming with confidence, Arnault is a curious boy who is interested in all areas.


Arnaldo, Arnaldus, Arnaud, Arnauld, Arnaut, Arno and Arnold.

His party :

The Arnault are celebrated on February 10th.

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