Name Briac - Meaning of origin

Name Briac - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Celts, Short

Meaning of the name:

The name Briac is a derivative of Celtic Briag. It is composed of the words "bri" which means "worthy", "student" and "powerful", and "uual" which means "brave" or "courageous".


No Briac celebrates ... again!
The Briacs are celebrated the same day as Saint Briac, an Irish monk who landed in Brittany in the company of Saint Tugdual and other religious. He founded a monastery which was at the origin of the locality of Bourbriac.

His character :

Briac is a sweet, charming and pleasant boy. He seduces with his aura of mystery. Pleasing and being appreciated are his goals, and for that, he does not hesitate to take care of himself and his appearance. He appreciates that calm and harmony prevail around him, too, he gives himself thoroughly so that his environment is as stable as possible. Endowed with great empathy, Briac is the one to turn to for comfort or when needed. Recognized for his sense of responsibility, he is the one who brings solutions to the problems of others.



His party :

The Briac are celebrated on December 18th.

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