Name Chalom - Meaning of the origin and the origin

Name Chalom - Meaning of the origin and the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Chalom or Shalom is a Hebrew term that can be translated into French as "paix". This word refers to both inner serenity and peace between two entities.


Rabbis Shalom Aroush, Shalom Dov Wolpo and Sha Shalom ben Boaz, politician Shalom Simhon.

Writers Shalom Anski, Cholem Aleichem and Shalom Auslander, psychologist Shalom Schwartz.

Footballer Shalom Tikva, basketball player Shalom Turgeman.

St. Edgar the Pacific was King of England from 959 until his death in 975. He was the successor to the throne of his brother Eadwig. After a symbolic coronation, several monarchs came to swear fidelity. He encouraged the wolf hunt and was at the time primarily responsible for the wolves' disappearance in England.

His character :

Chalom is a smart and lively person. He will be attracted by the unknown and the new situations. His adventurous temperament makes him a sociable being. He is often asked for relationship advice because he is a nice person. His determination and perseverance are also admired by his family. It is indeed someone who can not be easily defeated by the difficulties of life.


Salomon, Absalom, Salome

His party :

In Judaism, there is no party for the name Chalom. It may, however, be celebrated at the same time as Saint Edgar the Pacific on July 8th.

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