Name Cheryl - Meaning and origin

Name Cheryl - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Cheryl is a feminine given name derived from the German term "karl" meaning "virile".


British singers Cheryl Cole and American Cheryl Lynn, American actresses Cheryl Ladd and Cheryl Hines, as well as American novelist Cheryl Strayed.

Cheryl has for patron saint Charles Borromeo, Italian bishop of the sixteenth century.

His character :

Cheryl stands out for her sense of duty and her applied nature in everything she does. Optimistic, she takes her obligations seriously and deploys the means possible to achieve her objectives.

Leader in the soul, she knows how to convince others and thus manages to surround herself with good people. Communicative, Cheryl is also prone to reflection, she asks questions about life and its relationship with others.
Loving to surrender and feel useful, Cheryl never hesitates to help others. She can also recognize her mistakes and make up for herself in time. Bursting with energy, Cheryl is appreciated for her imagination and creativity. This fanciful side directs him to crafts related to art and creation.



His party :

The Cheryl are celebrated on November 4th.

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