Chrystelle Name - Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Chrystelle is a variant of Christine. From Latin "christianus", it means "the disciple of Christ".


French actress Chrystelle Labaude, French cross-country athlete Christelle Daunay, French actress Christelle Reboul, supermodel Christelle Roca (voted Miss Prestige National 2012), French actress and singer Christelle Chollet, French actress Christelle Prot (having won the Michel-Simon Prize in 2001) ...

Many Christian saints bear the name "Christine". The oldest is a 14-year-old martyr, persecuted by her own father after he discovered his daughter's religion.

His character :

Chrystelle is not only a woman full of energy, but also a hard worker. It does not tolerate laziness and is well away from the profiteers. Always applied in her work, she really does not have time to have fun. To decompress, she does not hesitate to release all kinds of light jokes that erase for a moment his seriousness. Ambitious, but nevertheless realistic, she does not skimp on the efforts to give herself every chance to succeed.

A woman with a big heart, Chrystelle likes to help her neighbor. She wants to guarantee the happiness of her loved ones before taking care of her little person. Great sentimental, she will be happy and satisfied only if hers live in joy and fullness. She feels very affected by the events affecting her family members.


Christelle, Christel, Christella, Krystelle, Krystel, Kristele, Kristelle ...

His party :

People named Chrystelle are honored on July 24th.

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