Your child 3-5 years

Cleanliness is not his forte!

Wash your hands, your toddler will have to understand that this is essential. As much to teach him the rules of hygiene as soon as possible. In five lessons.

If your child went to the nursery, he already knows that you have to wash your hands often. If not, it is high time to inculcate this automatism and others. An essential learning, not only to respect each other, but also for the sake of others.

1st lesson in cleanliness: we wash our hands

  • Having your hands clean is important ... start by explaining why.All day his little fingers touch objects at school, stair railings, etc., and pick up the bacteria with shovels. Washing hands is particularly useful to limit the spread of infectious diseases: rhino-pharyngitis, gastroenteritis, influenza ... When? Coming home, before going to the table and, of course, after going to the toilet No need to make it phobic to the slightest dust!
  • After the theory, practice. Show him how to do it: put some soap in the palm of his hands and rub each palm with the fingers of the opposite hand. Rub your fingers against each other by crossing them (the bacteria pass into the foam). Finally, clean each wrist. Then rinse. A few more sessions and he will know how to do it alone!

2nd lesson: we use the toilets correctly

  • In public places, prevent your child from sitting directly on the W.-C seat. Protect the telescope with toilet paper, especially if it is a little girl! To empty her bladder, she must be sitting and relaxed more than the boy. If this "emptying" is incomplete, the germs present around the urinary or vulvar opening proliferate in the bladder: beware of the infection.

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